Project presentation

The project The development of a regional cross-broder system of excellency medical centers specialized in the prenatal diagnosis of fetal malformations in Timisoara-Vrsac area is being funded by the European Union with over 1,7 million euros through the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program Romania – Serbia.

Through this project, implemented in partnership between the Municipality of Timișoara, the Emergency Municipal Clinical Hospital Timişoara, the Department of Obstetrics – Gynecology and the General Hospital in Vrsac (Serbia), it is aimed to improve the health services infrastructure of the Romanian-Serbian border area and through cross-border joint actions it is aimed to increase the population accessibility to the new health care services.

In particular will be developed two excellency medical centers in prenatal diagnosis equipped with last generation equipment. Therefore in Timișoara, the former laundry of the  „Odobescu Maternity” is to be radically converted into a modern medical center specialized in prenatal diagnosis of fetal malformations.

The building in the current state:

At Vrsac, the Department of Obstetrics – Gynecology will be modernized by creating an operating theater, the rehabilitation of medical offices and their endowment with last generation equipment.

In order to increase the quality of the medical service that benefit the population of the cross-broder area we want to increase the skills and abilities of the personnel involved into the realization of the medical service. The project provides training opportunities in prenatal diagnosis for 60 doctors, and in the end  it will be made a research report on the frequency and the causes of fetal malformations in the cross-border area Timişoara-Vrsac.

The department of Obstetrics – Gynecology of the General Hospital in Vrsac:

Also, at least 800 women will benefit of specialized health care through excellency medical centers in prenatal diagnosis and at least 5.000 women will be informed about the risk factors in the development of fetal malformations.

Besides the economic and social benefits provided by the project implementation, doctors and specialists involved in this project wish to highlight that the results of their work is addressed mainly to future parents and their children.